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About Amayannoor Sree Mahadeva Temple

About 13 Kilometres North East of Kottayam town, a small beautiful village surrounded by bluish hills, small lakes, streams and greenish plantations 'AMAYANNOOR.' Here is the famous temple "AMAYANNOOR SREE MAHADEVA TEMPLE." The strange and thrilling appearance of the deity started two thousand three hundred years ago. A hermit with a strong insight on his way on pilgrimage arrived at this place. He felt the devine spirit of Lord Shiva. He stationed here and offered special prayers and poojas continuously for years. This sacrosanct act of the hermit is the actual cause of this temple, which is constructed by a few Brahmins who have been entrusted with the administration by the hermit before he left this place. Under the leadership of Brahmins with the whole hearted co-operation of the villegers, devotees and well wishers, this temple has became one of the renowned Mahadeva temples of Kerala. But unfortunately years ago there was a fire at this temple and the entire temple was damaged. Thereafter the devotees had tried to renovate the temple but the same could not be completed due to the unbearable expenses.

This temple has some significances-An extra ordinary large scared pond in front of the temple, besides the idols of Ganapathi, Dharma-Shastha (Lord Ayyappa), Dakshina murthy, Veerabhadra, Bhagavathi, a rare combination of devine spirits. The Lord Veerabhadra the guard of Lord Shiva - a rarest of the rare idols one can see in any of the temples. further, the idols of four Shiva are in a straight line which is a rare phenomina.

There is a saying "if you can have a Darshan of five Lord Shiva in one temple it is considered to be as a Darshan at Kashy temple." This extra ordinary Darshan available here is the most attractive speciality of this temple, probably the only temple known for this, in Kerala. It is believed that the Lord Shiva of Amayannoor Shree Mahadeva temple is in the mixed feeling of anger and sorrow-anger towards Daksha for insulting Sathi, wife of lord Shiva and sorrow due to the demise of Sathi, during the Dakshayaga. Devotees also believe that observance of pradosha Vrutha, Somavara Vrutha etc., would remove their sins and problems. Near to the Lord shiva temple there is a Maha Vishnu temple, where the idol is in the form of "Narasimha, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, who kills King Hiranya Kshyapa so as to protect Prahlada, the devotee of Lord Vishnu. Inspite of all the above, both the temples are in a pitiful condition at present. in order to bring out these temples from the present condition recently an " ASHTAMANGALA DEVAPRASHNAM" was conducted under the guidance of temple Acharya Shri Tharananalloor Padmanabhan Namboodiripad, and it is revealed that to regain the temples old sanctity certain important Poojas/renovation works are to be conducted. It is also emphasised in the Deva Prahna report that the remedies prescribed must be completed as soon as possible to get a maximum fruitful result.

A few of the most important pooja/renovation works required are mentioned below:
  • Construction of compound wall of 1200' length and 6' height.
  • Renovation work of the sanctury and its surrounding temple buildings.
  • Compound wall for the Naga idols.
  • Poojas like Mahasudarshanam, Shadakshara sudarsanam, Gayatri etc., etc., atotal of 1,05,000 numbers.
  • Ashtabandha Kalasam.
  • The expenses of the above is estimated at about 10 lakhs. Due to paucity of funds available with the temple, we require the whole hearted co-operation of all devotees. We ,therefore, humbly request you to be kind enough to help us with your valuable contributions at your earliest convenience so as to enable us to complete this immense task within the time limit. Your valued remittance would definately be rewarded by Lord Shiva by way of his blessings. We may also be informed of your 'JANMANAKSHARA' so as toenable us to conduct a special Archana on your name on that day and the Prasadam there of would be sent to you by post. Your contributions may be sent by DD/Cheque/Money Orders to the president,Amayannoor Sree Mahadeva Kshetra Deva Prashna Parihara Kriya Samithi, Amayannoor P.O. Kottayam-686025, Kerala. May Amayannoor Sree Mahadeva bless you for a prosperous and happy life.